Why Intrusion Alarm System


Intrusion alarm System :

The Wireless intruder alarm system designed to detect intrusion in unauthorized entry or into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial and industrial properties for protection against burglar (theft) or property damage as well as personal protection against use security systems for control of inmates.

Unauthorized entry through doors :

Intruders can open a door in many ways, including using prying tools, torches, or even an issued key to the lock. No matter how the door is opened, the magnetic sensor detects the opening and reports its status to the control panel for processing.

Protecting Glass Windows :

Entry by breaking glass windows is a common method of unauthorized entry into premises. Glass break detector sense and send reports its status to the control panel for processing.

Unauthorized entry through walls and roofs :

Some unauthorized entries are achieved by cutting through walls and facility roofs. Motion Sensor sense the movement and send its status to the control panel for processing.The home burglar alarm system protects you.

Crisis during work hours :

When intruders arrive during business hours, employees are often inhibited from using the telephone to call authorities. A Panic Switch allows for a discrete, undetected method of calling for help and sends its status to the control panel for processing.

Solving Above All Intrusion Issues :

While the Intrusion Detection System is armed, an activated system cause a local alarm and sends a mobile message OR call mobile which are saved earlier in control panel.

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