Smart Surveillance system

  • Support IPC, DVR, NVR, NVS, video wall controller, and etc.
  • Live preview
  • Support up to 64*4 preview windows; main/sub stream optional.
  • Support tour task.
  • Auto find/import/export supported; easy to manage up to 256 devices or 2000 channels.
  • Max 36-channel synchronization playback, Time bar and event modes optional.
  • Joystick to control PTZ and zoom in/out and fish-eye camera EPTZ using mouse.
  • Center alarm for organizing alarm channels as whole associated system.
  • Support e-map; you can clearly view and manage all device locations.
  • PC-NVR feature provided for saving cost.
  • TV wall configuration and control.
  • Account management supported; and different users share different privileges.
  • Log for event and user operation.
  • Friendly GUI for an easy operation.

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